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Helpful Tech Gadgets for Every Room of Your Home

Posted by Wendee Bishop on Mon, Oct 9, 2017

Helpful Tech Gadgets for Every Room of Your Home Connectivity Featured ImageForty years ago, we could have never predicted a robot would do our vacuuming for us, by itself, while we were out of the house. 

Technology has progressed to the point that we have products and gadgets at our fingertips for just about anything we could imagine needing. Refrigerators that text us photos of the contents? Toaster ovens that sense what food you put inside and determine for itself the appropriate cooking temperature and time? Technology has even affected home entertainment!

It seems we are living in the age of the Jetsons, and it's only just the beginning.

Helpful Tech Gadgets for Every Room of Your Home App ImageHome Monitoring Kit

If you already have a few technology smart gadgets installed in your home, such as security or sound system, smart appliances, thermostat, locks, etc., you can now get a home monitoring kit that ties all of these smart systems together into one app. Monitor absolutely everything in your home all in one place.

Washing machine spilling water into your laundry room? It'll warn you about that. Is someone at your front door? It'll notify you and show you video (if you subscribe to that) of who is there. Tie it into security cameras inside your home. Control lights, small appliances, or your home's temperature while you're away. 

Consider these advantages when selecting a security system for your new custom home. There's virtually nothing the SmartThings home monitoring kit can't do.

WiFi Electrical Outlets 

We can control lights, cameras, and thermostats from our smartphones today, but did you know you can install WiFi electrical outlets anywhere in your home and tie just about anything to your phone? 

Need a humidifier in your child's bedroom? Turn it off and on from your phone without disturbing your child. Panicked that you might have left your curling iron on after leaving for work? Check it with this device and turn it off if it is. Start your coffee maker while you're still in bed. If you have any electrical device you wish you could control from afar, these special outlets will help you.

Get an outdoor model and control your Christmas lights, patio lights, or other electrical products from your smartphone.

Helpful Tech Gadgets for Every Room of Your Home Heater ImageSmart Thermostat 

You may remember from your childhood that a thermostat was a small box on a wall where you moved a lever up and down to control the temperature in the home. Of course, it never really worked that well, leaving some rooms different temperatures than others, and you had one control for the entire house.

Today, smart thermostats can be installed in any room. They intuitively sense your lifestyle trends, when you typically want your home hotter or cooler, and determine the home's temperature needs based on the weather outside as well as your habits inside. They can now sense if anyone is at home and alter its own settings accordingly. 

This, in turn, saves you on energy costs.

A FitBit for Your House

If you own a FitBit or similar device, you know what we're talking about. This device fits around your wrist like a watch, but you can also get one for your home. 

When you wake up, it can turn on lights throughout your house, and start your coffee maker automatically. Made by Jawbone, this product can tie into the SmartThings home monitoring kit (mentioned above) to integrate your fitness goals into your daily life at home.

Smart Garage Door Opener 

This one is pretty straight forward. Tie your garage door opener into an app on your phone and you can control the door being open or closed while you're away. Get notifications as well if your door is unexpectedly opened. 

This is a great product for those homeowners with garages detached from the home. In the winter, when you need to start your vehicle, you can prop open your garage door a notch to let out the exhaust without having to dress up in your winter gear. Pair this with a car starter, of course, and you have the perfect setup for those cold winter mornings.

On top of smart appliances, there are plenty of other new gadgets on the market that use smart technology to make your life that much easier. From small gadgets like slow cookers to major ones like whole home smart systems, there's something out there for everyone's needs. Now, if only we had flying cars.

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