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Designer Trends for 2020

Posted by Wendee Bishop on Thu, Oct 10, 2019

The Maison & Objet Trends for 2020

Autumn marks the start of fall and the changing of the leaves. While most of us see this transformation as the beginning of winter, some of us see this as a time of wonder and magic since fall is when the the news trends are showcased for designers and homeowners. It is the time when the Annual Maison & Objet ( yes, that's the correct spelling ) show takes place in Paris and it is exciting to see the key trends coming for 2020 which will shape the look and feel of our homes. Maison & Objet are the leaders internationally in home décor, interior design, architecture and lifestyle culture and trends. Through shows, events and a digital platform, Maison & Objet share their vision with the world. The designers at Augusta Fine Homes are extremely happy to share with you the highlights and discoveries from the show. There are so many aspects of the show which makes it impossible to give you a complete review in just one blog. So to begin we will touch base on décor elements for your home and 2020 looks like a great year for the interior of our home!

Global Treasures  lamp-and-pillow

Traveling the world opens your eyes to a wonder of colour, pattern and texture. Artisan handicrafts, detailed prints and the most unique creations are found in local boutiques and shops in the market places of out-of-the-way destinations. These spell-binding items tell a story of their own and of your experiences. Put aside the mass-produced objects and bring out the hand-crafted carvings, block prints or other such discoveries and give them the attention they deserve. That is the key to the upcoming year. The bold colours of burnt ochre, vintage indigo and fuchsia can be contrasted by neutral grays and off whites resulting in a softened palette. This combination of colour and eye-popping patterns and textures make the Global Treasures we collect a look that we gravitate to.

Baked Elements


There is a shift in the upcoming year. A departure from the industrial metals such as brass and copper will take place and all that glitters will be gold. Focusing on warm metallics instead of cool ones, gold will dominate the years ahead once again, much to the joy of many of us. Right along with gold accessories, a primed and polished luxe look will let the materials speak for themselves. Baked Elements features indulgent materials such as fur, leather, velvet and marble paired up with a baked colour palette of soft walnut, deep grape and warm tannin. The glimmer of gold will make the neutral palette pop and the combination of luxurious materials with a cosmetic colour palette will give the interior of your home a look that is tasteful and timeless.




Laid Bare


As we are all trying to live more consciously, 2020 sees a back to basics approach utilizing natural materials which is a strong theme that is evident throughout Maison & Objet. The tides have shifted from our multitude of cool greys which stemmed from Scandi Minimalism to warmer greys which will further accent the Baked Elements colour palette. Linen and oatmeal tones have become the new favourite neutrals. Ceramic accessories and pared-back woods furniture with artistic prints bring a little of that country charm into the home. The brief flashes of olive green and honey mustard will eliminate the theme of warm neutrals to look washed out. Keep it simple and stylish with no heavy patterns and you will have that new back to basics trend.

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