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9 Requirements for a Comfortable Guest Room

Posted by Wendee Bishop on Mon, Jun 12, 2017

9 Requirements for a Comfortable Guest Room Kingston Pat Bedroom imageMost of us today buy a home considering the possibility of having guests over from time to time. With this in mind, creating an ideal guest suite will ensure your home not only feels more complete for you, but your guests will feel they've had a five-star experience during their stay. It doesn't need to cost a small fortune, however, a comfortable guest room can be accomplished with a few considerations.

Make It Plush 

There's a very good reason why most quaint bed-and-breakfasts, boutique hotels, and other smaller vacation rentals feel so much more comfortable. Layers upon layers of plush, thick pillows, blankets, and even padded mattresses give you that feeling of utter coziness. Just looking at the bed makes you want to crawl into it with a cup of tea and a book, or take an extra long nap just for the heck of it.

Consider 100% cotton sheets with a high thread count for starters. Layer on a thermal blanket, a thick duvet, and plenty of fluffy pillows. Don’t forget that extra afghan or blanket for the foot of the bed just in case you have a guest who never seems to get warm enough.

9 Requirements for a Comfortable Guest Room Callaway Har Bedroom imageA Good Read 

Speaking of curling up with a good book, perhaps stock your bedside tables with a selection of books you know your guests might enjoy. If they're avid readers, you'll ensure they wind down their day with a quiet, relaxing read. If you know your guests aren't the bookish type, substitute some magazines or a tablet hooked up to WiFi.

Making Things Easy 

Speaking of WiFi, consider putting the username and password in a framed piece of art within the room. Not only does this add to the décor, but it also offers your guests the ability to log into their phones or tablets to check email and such.

A Basket of Goodies 

Help your guests feel right at home with a deep basket full of fluffy, clean towels and extra blankets. They'll feel they can help themselves, plus it'll add an element of coziness to the room's design. Perhaps offer a second basket to put used towels into afterwards.


If your guest room is not attached to a private bathroom, install mirrors over a night table or chest of drawers to offer a space for your guests to get ready. They won't feel they're imposing on your main bathroom this way, and they'll be able to get ready in private if they prefer. If space allows, install a full-length mirror as well.

Self-Serve Coffee or Tea Station 

Depending on who your guests are, they may not feel comfortable waiting for you to make coffee or tea, or imposing enough to make a pot on their own. Make them feel more comfortable by offering a dedicated coffee station in the guest room, complete with coffee maker and pods, creamer, and sugars, and an electric hot water kettle and a variety of tea bags for tea drinkers. Offer quirky, unique mugs to add to the experience of a well thought out room.

Stock Necessities 

Because most of us are in a rush when we're packing, we often forget something we don't normally think about. Help your guests by stocking a guest room dresser drawer with a few travel-sized essentials. Consider items that they might not expect, like specialty snacks, a flashlight for making their way to the bathroom at night, or a drinking cup for taking medications. Extra toilet paper and Kleenex is always a plus.

Fresh Flowers 

Nothing improves the life within a guest room like live, fresh floral. Pick up some fresh flowers in season and place them on a dresser or night table. If you're close to your guests, include a framed picture of a happy memory between yourselves. The personal touch will go a long way to making them feel comfortable and welcome in your home.

Proper Lighting 

Be sure your nightstands each have a lamp for your guests who prefer ambient lighting opposed to the full-on light in your room. Best to offer an additional lamp on a vanity or dresser as well in case one guest is getting ready while another guest is still sleeping in the room.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your guest room one they'll be sure to remember. The more thought put into the details in your guest room, the more your visitors will feel welcomed into your home. As a gracious host, your home will encompass everything that is you, and that includes how you welcome guests with open arms.

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