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7 Outdoor Entertaining Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

Posted by Wendee Bishop on Wed, Aug 3, 2016

7-outdoor-entertaining-features-you-need-featured-image.pngIt's time to capitalize on warm summer weather and think about outdoor entertaining. Think of all the fabulous BBQ's, sporting events, and dinner parties you can host in the privacy of your own backyard! We have seven luxurious outdoor features to consider for your new custom home.

Outdoor Kitchen Area

Backyard kitchens are ideal for entertaining large groups of guests or for savouring peaceful outdoor dining alone. If you've got the necessary funds, there are no limits to the features you can include in your outdoor kitchen.

A good patio set and grill area are the base of any great kitchen but why stop there? You can go all out and add a number of high-end features like an outdoor fridge, wine chiller, champagne ice pails, ice machine, sink, stone pizza oven and custom cabinets to really amp up your space!


Modern Exterior Dining

Select an area that's large enough to accommodate tables, chairs, and pathways leading to the kitchen to make coming and going easy. In many instances, a terrace or deck can be the perfect location to create a sitting area for your guests.

Designate an area to add a pergola and foldable canopy, which allows you and your company to enjoy fine dining outside in any kind of weather. You can create an atmosphere of elegance by laying out beautiful silverware, table ornaments, and folded cloth napkins. Try adding bold pops of colour with freshly-cut flowers from your garden.

Water Fountains

There are a wide variety of water displays you may want to consider - everything from large-scale ponds and waterfalls to small bubbling fountains. These artistic pieces will give your backyard retreat an atmosphere of tranquility.

You can add floating lotus pads and water candles to your pond for the ultimate evening ambience. These candles may not emit a lot of light, but they serve as a safety feature as well by alerting visitors of the water and preventing any unplanned dips!

Premium Outdoor Lighting

Your outdoor lighting scheme should be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Choose lighting that adequately illuminates any ponds, steps, decks and lounging areas, but also keep in mind which ones will highlight your outdoor features and complement your decor. Having adequate lighting in your outdoor space ensures your guests will want to stick around long after the sun goes down.

To make things even more impressive, you could put in recessed or track lights, hang up stylish lanterns or chandeliers, add string lights to create a party mood, or just keep it simple and include some lit candles. Small solar lights are terrific options for pathways, making your outdoor area safe for guests to come and go after sunset.

A Fully-Stocked Bar

If you really want to kick things up in your outdoor space, a built-in bar that has a sink, cooler, bar stools, and counter space for mixing drinks is a perfect addition. There's also lots of great ideas for budget friendly DIY bars that you can set up yourself.

An antique chest of drawers can be refinished and used as a bar. Having a posh serving cart with rollers, fancy cocktail glasses, and tumblers for serving visitors will make your bar setup even more impressive.

Easy Outdoor Fires

Outdoor fireplaces are becoming extremely popular. Whether they're fueled by wood, gas, or electricity, outdoor fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that suits your style. When properly designed, a fireplace can be a wonderful conversation starter and focal point in your yard. 

VIP Viewing Area

How about mounting a large outdoor TV with theatre-style seats for watching movies or sports events? A waterproof television and sound system under a protective canopy is the ideal solution if you want to have 24-hour access to films and programs outdoors. If that isn't feasible, a portable HD flat panel TV can easily be carried outdoors for special occasions. 

Including some of these design elements in your backyard will help you establish the atmosphere you desire so that you can get back to what fantastic outdoor entertaining is truly about - enjoying delectable food and great conversation with the people you care about.

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